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Glazing of the best in the world of Guardian

Glass oldest American company needs no introduction in the world market. It was their materials are used in the production of such prestigious cars as Bentley, PorscheCayenne, AudiA8, Rolls-Royce. Glass GuardianIndustries distinguishes energy efficiency, impact resistance, neproduvaemost, translucency and UV protection.

Facade profiles of the German company Schueco

Has established itself as the best in the world construction market segment. They not only meet all international standards, but also to dictate them. Developers, architects, designers implement durable shell buildings that serve man, being in harmony with nature and technology. Profiles Schueco give the age-old guarantee of the building, providing frost and fire resistance.

Technology couplings carcass

This solution is used in the construction of nuclear power plants and space centers, providing strength, durability and seismic resistance of constructions erected. This technique avoids thermal shrinkage and cracking, and also reduces the load on the foundation. The use of such technologies - is a centuries-old construction guarantee.

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